Friday, December 14, 2012

First Impression

==Process images==


I finish this work mainly in photoshop, and use blender for some little support. :)


Trick or Treat : Sketches that drew at Holloween - Vampires

more inside...

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Daily Sketch 3




Doodle - Forget


5 - 2

5 - 1

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Sketches 2


Old Sketches 1


I haven't drawn these cute characters for year; my scanner driver don't work...I only can use my old camera to photo them and put into the computer...(actually I have buy a new scanner now, but I can't find my original sketches pictures...)

Easter practice


Daily Sketch 2

Daily Sketches 1


Girls Quick Paint



Old Entry Banner

Santa Return Home (Xmas picture of last year)

I have finished this picture after Blender 2.61 were released, I really have a good time with the software. However, at that monent, my pc is very old and only got 1G ram, so the software always crash when it is rendering...and my graphic card seem not support GPU render...this version was rendered after I have upgraded my hardwares.
Click for large image ,different version of the picture and process images were inside...

Exercise with transparency pressure brush


Using pencil and paper to draw a draft, then using a brush have pressure with size and transparency,
in my is quite difficult to control this brush...I use to overlap color or value brush by brush...

Exercise work finished with Blender 2.61

Exercise work finished with Blender 2.61, (of course now I am using the newest version :P) many new features were added to that version, such as motion tracking, ocean simulation... the part that I most expect is the internal render engine - Cycles.

The images above are my exercise work that rendered by Cycles. (a testing builds of Blender 2.61 .)

Girl without shoes

Girl can't finds shoes that fit her, so simply doesn't wear anything and walk happily.

to put on ice


I use to put on ice on my knee after a game or after having some leg muscle training, it makes my knee feel better, or I will feel pain when I doing exercises in the next time.

Move on at morning

It is a lovely thing that start a journey at morning, the gray blue sky and the fresh cool air, with some lite music comes out form earphones, all these things make a good atmosphere.